How to Use iMessage on PC

iMessage On PC

iMessage on PC is a top rating messaging application. Apple company made a very simple application for iOS users to continue there conversions on apple computers when they don’t have there iPhone and iPads available. iPhone and iPad users who using windows or Linus on there devices, they need find out another solution for it because of apple company restrict some useful function to there apple operating system. We will show you some most popular solution in this article. iMessage on PC is an alternative solution for conversation. iMessage is the iOS app for messaging and chatting without any cost.

The iMessage service is only supports to the only iOS and Mac OS X operating systems not for android users. Few years back there is some messaging applications are present. Those applications are used for chat, charges are very high. But in now a days iMessage for windows PC is release with messaging applications by providing you many features. iMessage for PC is a messaging app for iPhone in free of cost. iMessage is providing lots of services also.

                                        iMessage On PC Software Information

Name iMessage On PC
Windows Supported Microsoft Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1, 10
Supported Operating System Windows
Last Updated Feb 6th, 2018
File Size 10.5 MB
Rating 4.6
Total Downloads 10 Million+

Download iMessage on PC – Chrome Remote Desktop Way

  1.  Start your Apple Mac book and also start Windows PC.
  2. Download Chrome Remote Desktop on your windows computer.

imessage on pc

3. After completing download. Launch the extension.

imessage on pc

4. Download the Chrome Remote Desktop Host Installer. After completing download install it.

imessage on pc

5. Follow the given images and install it.

imessage on pc

imessage on pc

imessage on pc

imessage on pc

6. You will get code after installation complete.

imessage on pc

7. Now you can start to use iMessage on Windows PC.

imessage on pc

iMessage for PC App Features

Handwritten Messages –

You can write anything which you want to send it to anyone and just click the send button.

Effects –

iMessage on PC provide lots of effects present in it by default.

Synchronize your Messages –

iMessage on PC provides the feature to synchronize your messages from your email id. Synchronizing helps you to recover your old messages from your any other device.

Transfer media and many more –

By using iMessage application you can share or transfer videos, audios, pictures and many more to other. You can also share your  current location with your friend. You can transfer also document file.

Download iMessage For PC – iPadian Emulator Way

This application is and iOS application. Apple do not provide this application to the Android and Windows. If you want to use this application on your Android or Windows PC then you need to download iOS simulator. There is lots of Simulators available in the market.

  • Now Download the emulator on your Android or Windows PC.
  • After completing download the emulator. Follow the following steps.
  • Now, Double click the .exe file that you download from browser in your PC. Installation process is very simple so you don’t need to worry about it.
  • After the installation process, run the emulator in your PC.
  • After completeing some easy steps, Your emulator is ready.
  • Search iMessage on PC in the search box and then click on launch button.
  • After that your iMessage on PC is ready to use.

Jailbreak Your iPhone

There is another method also by using this you can get iMessage for Windows. But it is bit difficult to use. In the starting, you need to jail break your apple device by installing software. Software name is Cydia. After that you need to spend some money to get an application known as Remote messages in Cydia to set up a web based interface. You can able to connect the web based interface using your IPhone’s IP address. The steps seems like difficult. The application explain everything to you and after that go for it.

iMessage Stickers Features

Stickers –

There is different types of stickers are in iMessage on PC applications. You can express yourself or your feelings by using those stickers in iMessage on PC. There is stickers packages available in app store, you can download stickers from it.

Group Chat feature –

iMessage on PC is not just for single person chat. You can do group chat on iMessage on PC application. By this group chat feature you can chat with more than two persons.

Animations –

You can send animations in the iMessage on PC applications. It means you can send your message with different different effects.

Different Methods To Use iMessage on PC

Because of some reasons you can not buy iPad then there is another method to use it on your devices. But you have to collect more informations about other methods.

  • iPhone simulator
  • Smaartface
  • AIR iPhone Emulator
  • MobiOne Studios



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