Enlte Decentralised Socionet

Enlte – Decentralised Socionet

Enlte  is an a decentralized block chain based system to solve any kind of issues and problems without going through a centralized government. There is an organization which rewarding to users to spread awareness and help each other. It helps to building connections among the society and creating a good trusted management in the network. Social internet is a future, Internet is the largest platform which connects billions of peoples to each other not with physically. A social network is termed determined as the internet of computers with social characteristics. It is fast and better with amazing capabilities. Internet is with billions of website where you can get any information very easily. Data can deleted from the internet at any point but it cannot deleted from the socionet. Socionet can connects peoples personally.

Advantages of Enlte as a decentralised socionet

  • It is a location based social platform.
  • Based on decentralised system.
  • Proposes a universal identity.
  • Provides perfect information about each other.
  • Creates trust among the society.

This is a platform that helps to solve the problem of all real life without even going through any organization or governmental system. The aim of Enlte is to create a social networking platform and securing it with block chain. Here individual can earn enlte coin by exchanging some information with each other. A location based social engine creating an adjustable small world with faster and better networking capabilities.

ENLTE Tokens

1 ENLTE = 0.016 USD

This platform is an rewards all the users who try to spread awareness in this small world phenomenon. If you want to earn free enlte coins then don’t stop to sharing your positive experience with the others about this platform.

Features –

Good Knowledge – This platform is completely open and available to all users. It gives very basic but useful knowledge.

Small world – This platform is connects with many peoples who can start conversation with each others and learn lots of new things.

Coins – You can easily pay with enlte coins from your device to any other person.

Enlte Information –

Token –  NLTE

PreICO price – 1 Enlte = 0.016 USD



Enlte is an one of the best location based social networking platform where you can connect with any people for conversations. Also you can earn coins by sharing your positive experience with others.

Steps to install Enlte –

Open Google Play store on your android device.

Type ENLTE in search box. Click on install button.

Open the application. Then you will get one notification, Just allow your locations.

After that your application is ready to use.


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