Know about 7 advanced technology in sewing machine



Just like every other gadget, the sewing machines have also undergone extensive technological advancements in recent years. These have been geared towards simplifying their usage while at the same time enhancing their efficacy in sewing garments. Know more about advanced technology in sewing machine


These technologies vary greatly from manufacturer to manufacturer. They are also numerous and effect totally different parts of the best sewing machines. Because of these, an ordinary prospective sewer or user of these new-generation sewing machines may not be familiar with them. Its helps to get more information about advanced technology in sewing machine.


It is in light of this recognition that we have endeavoured to carry out an in-depth research on the subject matter. We are glad to present the findings of this research in our subsequent conversations.




Stitch Memory


Stitch memory technology basically allows you to feed your sewing machines with special pieces of instructions. These special pieces of instructions form a template against which subsequent sewing tasks are performed or carried out. The technology also allows you to edit these instructions from time to time to respond to any shifts in your sewing preferences.


This technology, therefore, saves you a great deal of time while sewing your garments. It also enables those who are not as skilled and experienced in the field of sewing to easily get started and do a good job.


Thread Breakage Sensor


From time to time, the thread may often break. This may be occasioned by the loss of the strength the thread or the complete exhaustion of it altogether. If and when such an issue occurs, the sewing may be interrupted, some blank stitches may result, or the entire final outcome may be interfered with altogether.


This thread breakage sensor basically detects the likelihood of the upper stitch breaking. It then triggers the sewing machine to halt the sewing process automatically. This way, no stitches may be lost and similarly, no blank stitches may result.

advanced technology in sewing machine


Built-in Sewing Assistant


Getting started in the field of sewing may never be a simple undertaking. This is mainly because of the intricate nature of most modern sewing machines. This is the role that the built-in sewing assistants aim at fulfilling.


It is basically a set of built-in pieces of instructions and frequently asked questions. It provides instant information to some of the common features and functionalities of the sewing machines. These include bobbin winding, alteration of the presser foot, bobbin setting, and threading of the upper thread, among others. Most modern versions even have audible and visual messaging features.


Changeable Needle Positions


In the typical sewing machines, the needle positions are fixed. This means that you have to engage the same position at all times regardless of the kind of stitch you may be performed or the fabric you may be handling. This poses lots of inconveniences and may also affect the final quality of the garment.


Most highly advanced sewing machines though allow you to alter the needle positions. These may be in response to individual projects such as inserting the zippers, cording or top-stitching. It, therefore, enhances the quality of the sewing and final outcomes.


Display Units and Indicators


Given that the typical modern sewing machines can handle multiple tasks at a time, it is only logical for the machine to enable you to monitor the progress of the tasks as well. This can only happen if the machines in questions have display units and indicators.


This is indeed the case with most modern sewing machines. A number of them now have extra-large colour touch screens. They provide you with a clear and easy viewing of the various tasks in progress. These include the number and image of the selected stitch, the stitch length and width, the thread tension, and the presser foot, among others. You can get more information about advanced technology in sewing machine.


Automatic Electronic Thread Trimmer


At the conclusion of a sewing session, there is usually the need to cut away unnecessary threads. This is purposely done to improve the visual impression of the final outcomes. This task may often get daunting especially if the garment is too large.


This is where this automatic electronic thread trimmer comes in. The feature automatically trims the threads of the fabrics when you are done with sewing. You only need to press the thread cutter button on the machine to engage this feature.


Drop-and-sew Bobbin System


Manual sewing machines usually require their users to raise the bobbin threads moments before sewing. This wastes a lot of time and is also inconvenient. Moreover, many users often overlook this step and end up suffering unnecessary side effects.


This revolutionary drop-and-sew bobbin system absolves users from this procedure. It only requires you, or any other user to just drop the bobbin and sew! It therefore greatly simplifies the sewing process and also eliminates the likelihood of making any unnecessary mistakes in the course of sewing your garments.




We can go on and on and on in trying to find out just which other technological advancements the best sewing machines have undergone. Owing to the limited time and space we had, we inevitably had to stop there. It is thus in your best interest to carry on from where we have left. This way, you will be able to find out just what other benefits these latest technological advancements have in store for you.

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