Top 5 Community Fish

Best Community Fish

There is different types of fish available in freshwater and salt water also. Community fish is one of the best type freshwater fish.

1. Molly Fish

One of the most common best fresh water aquarium fish. Mollies are small in size. They can grow up to 3.5 inches in male and female can grow larger than male mollies around 4.8 inches. Life span is depend on how well they cared for , but they can usually live up to 4 to 5 years. Mollies can kept in community fish tank mostly wit guppies. Mollies are colourful fish so they can also kept in planted fish tank to increase beauty of tank. At least 20 gallons aquarium required for mollies. Mollies required 70 to 80F temperature with 7.5 to 8.3 pH scale water. Mollies are the one of the most popular feeder fish due to high growth rate birth size and reproduction in case of other aquarium fish. There are various types of mollies can vary due to colour and body shape.

community fish

  1. Black molly
  2. White molly
  3. Golden molly
  4. Ballon molly

This is very popular best aquarium fish due to various colours.

2. GoldFish

Gold fish is also a best fresh water aquarium fish. Gold fish is a common fish kept in a fish tank. This can also be kept in community fish tank. Gold fish is one of the most popular fish to keep in aquarium. Gold fish size is depending upon his breed type. This fish can usually grow up to 2 feet. It requires larger aquarium to fast growth. There are many types of gold fish can vary in size, colour and shape. Most of the gold fish are in orange- gold colour, but some of the gold fish are in greyish- white with different colour spots on body. There are many types of fancy gold fish also. Gold fish can live up to 8 years.

community fish

Gold fish are a best fresh water aquarium fish so like to live in 50F to 75F water temperature. At least 10 gallons tank required for each fish. Gold fish prefer cooler water but live in slightly warmer water. Gold fish specific food has less protein and more carbohydrate than other fish food. Breeding usually happens after a significant temperature change, since eggs hatch within 48 to 72 hours. It is the best aquarium fish.

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3. Guppy Fish

Guppy fish is the best fresh water aquarium fish. Aquarium guppies are most popular fish because they can live in small aquarium also. The most important thing is keep aquarium bacteria free. Guppy require 74F to 82F temperature in aquarium. Guppy fish can kept in community fish tank also. They can live with molly fish, gourami and other type of guppy fish. Minimum 5 gallon aquarium required for guppies.

community fish

There are many types of guppies vary in colour, shape and size. Male size is smaller as compare to female guppy. Male size is 1.5 cm to 3.5cm and female size is 3 cm to 6 cm. Guppies are available in different colours in market. It is the one of the most colourful freshwater fish in the world. They can kept in planted and decorative fish tank also. Life span of guppy fish is 3- 5 years. They are very popular and less cost fish in market but few of the breeds are costly.

4. Betta Fish

This fish is also called as fighter fish. Betta fish is very aggressive that’s why it is placed in separately. Bettas can live in small aquarium too.  It is usually grow up to 6.5 cm. This is the one of the best aquarium fish. In reproduction process, pair of betta fish spawning under a bubble next in a breeder’s tank. One day old larvae found in bubble nest. Betta fish can build up bubble nests of varying sizes. After 15 days the child betta fish is produced. Betta species prefer around 23-29 C temperature. In the colder climates, aquarium heaters required. Bettas can also affected by the pH scale of water.

community fish

Life span of this fish is 3-5 years, but can live up to 10 years in few cases. It is popular fish which can live into the very small containers. Bettas also prefer to kept in larger tanks as well as community fish tank. A common tank size is 20 litre. Male bettas are not be kept with other male betta. There are lots of varieties in betta fish depend upon colour, feathers and body size. Colours available in the betta fish is red, yellow, orange, violet, black, white, blue. Bettas found in many different types of colours. Breeders also developed different types of colour shades like butterfly and marble. Marble, grizzle, metallic, copper such types of colours are rare so the cost of such types of fish is high in market.

Breeders also developed some different types of fins and scale variations betta fish. This fish can be kept in community fish tank with mollies and rainbow fish. This fish can kept also in small bowl.

5. Angel Fish

Angel fish is one of the best fresh water aquarium fish and they increase beauty of a tank. They are not very easiest fish to care. Angel fish are the members of the cichlid family. Angel fish are the carnivorous fish. They need a specific food to grow up to a optimum size and remain healthy. The normal size of the angel fish is 6 inches but can grow up to 10 inches in rare cases. Life span of angel fish is 8- 10 years. If they are kept in larger aquarium then they can grow fast. Angel fish are mostly kept in the community fish tank. Fish either give birth to babies or lay the eggs that are fertilized later. There are some popular species of angel fish.

community fish

  1. Marble
  2. Zebras
  3. Leopards
  4. Veils
  5. Golds
  6. Half blacks

Freshwater angel fish are aggressive in nature. They prefer tall tanks because of their tall body shape. Angel fish require 20 gallon minimum capacity fish tank. Some types of angel fish are costly in market. Silver colour angel fish is common fish and it is less cost fish. Angel fish are kept in warm aquarium which temperature around 27 C. This fish is best aquarium fish which is very popular.

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